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Helping You Plan For Retirement

GAP Retirement Planning Company Raleigh & Wake Forest NC

We understand it’s not just about numbers. Retirement is about dreams, goals and legacies. Whether you are leaving the workforce, selling your business or simply contemplating how to fund and protect your retirement, we can help.

Concerns around taxes, RMDs, Social Security, long term care costs, estate protection and income stability lead to questions about what to expect and how all the pieces fit together.

These retirement questions are normal and it is okay if you don’t know all the answers. That is why we are here.

An annuity is a very popular financial product within retirement plans. Annuities help people reach their number one goal of creating a guaranteed source of income that will last throughout retirement.

Life insurance is more than just a death benefit that protects your family if you die too prematurely. Permanent life insurance offers an incredible 3-for-1 special. With every dollar of premium, you are buying a death benefit, building living benefits and creating wealth through tax-deferred savings.

Retirement planning is about having a strategy for protecting your nest egg against specific risks that could impact your retirement income. You have spent a lifetime accumulating assets and having plan for retirement income helps ensure you have wont outlive your money.

Most business succession planning strategies utilize life insurance as a financial tool to provide financial liquidity upon the death of a business owner. When a death occurs, most businesses do not have the liquidity available to offer a partner or spouse the fair market value or previously agreed upon price for the remaining shares of the business..

Key Man insurance provides assurance for business continuity by providing liquidity to help stabilize the business and maintain operations in case of the death of a key individual in the organization.

Wealth protection strategies help people protect what they have worked a lifetime to accumulate. One of the hardest things for pre-retirees to do is to switch from the investing phase to the protection and distribution phase. Depending on a clients risk tolerance and needs, there are financial products that will let you participate in market growth and also protect your savings if the market declines.

Build your nest egg over time - pension, social security, home equity, 401K, IRA, etc.
Protect your nest egg against risk during retirement - longevity, sickness, market declines, inflation, taxes, etc.
Create an income stream from your assets that will last your lifetime - annuities, life insurance, etc.