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People Just Like You Are Worried About Their Retirement

  • Loss of A Pension – finding alternative ways to replace retirement income
  • Market Volatility – Depletion of your savings due to potential market losses
  • Emotionally challenging – Switching from accumulation to decumulation at retirement requires new strategies that can be unfamiliar (It’s more fun to watch it grow than to spend it)
  • Outliving your savings – A real possibility due to higher longevity rates
  • Inflation – Needing more money every year to buy the same essential items
  • Tax Time Bomb – Potentially owing more than expected in taxes on your 401k and IRA retirement savings at retirement
  • Losing A Spouse – Loss of income i.e. social security and/or pension

Financially Savy Retirees Have Learned The Secret To Protecting Their Retirement Savings And Creating Lifetime Guaranteed Income!

Learn How Annuities Work

According to A 2019 Retirement Survey by the American College, most people value lifetime guaranteed income but didn’t know how to achieve it.

Why Do People Value Annuities For Reliable Guaranteed Lifetime Income?

  • Tax-deferred growth of your savings
  • Replaces income from lost pensions and Social Security
  • Get a good reasonable rate of return when the markets are up and protect your savings when the markets are down
  • Guaranteed monthly paycheck for life
  • You can’t outlive your income
  • Peace of mind your essential expenses will be covered
  • Can help mitigate inflation costs
  • Can help support unexpected chronic or critical illness costs in retirement through enhanced income benefits
  • Potential for the ability to maintain the same standard of living when a spouse passes
  • Ability to pass unused assets to your beneficiaries

Busting The Annuity Myths

"I Can't Get My Money Out Of An Annuity If I Need It...."

Truth: Liquidity options on newer policies are much more flexible than in the past. You can always withdraw your money and most policies have standard no-fee withdrawal provisions including a certain percentage annually. Annuities, like other retirement savings plans, are designed and performed best when you leave the money in the account to grow. If you need money in the short term, an annuity may not be the best option.

"Annuities Are Expensive..."

Truth: Most annuities have no fees and those that do typically offer a guarantee for a higher return on an income account or for a higher participation return on an index. In most cases, these fees are about half the fees charged in a brokerage account which have no guarantees.

"Annuities Are Too Complicated..."

Truth: Annuities, just like other financial products, come in many shapes and sizes. Annuities are not a one size fits all financial product. In fact, depending on what you need an annuity to do for you, may require looking at different types of products with varying features. Because annuities are designed to provide tax deferred growth, lifetime income, protection from market losses and help with unexpected chronic medical expenses they may appear to be a more complicated financial product and require help from a licensed insurance annuity specialist.