Premium Finance

What Is Premium Finance?

Premium finance is a financial strategy where financial institutions pay all or part of the insurance premium of a high death benefit life insurance policy where the cost of the premium would otherwise adversely affect cash flow of the business or individual. The bank is repaid either through cash value appreciation or death benefit proceeds.

Why Use Premium Finance

Premium financed life insurance allows high net worth individuals and business the ability to access life insurance for wealth creation, preservation, key man coverage, business succession,retirement funding and other financial goals while keeping funds liquid for in-place investments or opportunities.

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How Does Premium Finance Work?

Although each premium finance arrangement is unique, typically an individual and bank jointly fund the first 5 years of a 15 year policy. The bank subsequently funds the next 5 years. The remaining 5 years require no funding. At the 15th year, the bank loan is repaid through cash value accumulation in the policy. 

In the hypothetical example below, day 1 starts with a $1,059,930 Death Benefit. By year 16, the policy would generate $58,000 in retirement income! Financial leverage means you only pay 50 % of the premium for 5 years!  

Hypothetical Example For 55 Year Old Male

Years 1-5

Notice immediate death benefit of over $1million with equal annual contributions by bank and individual.

Years 6-10

Death benefit grows to $1.3 million, cash value to $345,889 and $0 individual contributions! The bank contributes $67k for the next five years!

Years 11-15

Protection With Retirement Income Growth

The policy is growing during this period with NO further contributions! The death benefit is designed to decrease (still $535k!) while shifting growth to retirement funding of $58k/year at 16th year!

Years 16+

Retirement Income

The policy is now generating income of $58k per year. The total individual contribution was $175k. It only takes three years of income after year 16 to generate $174k!